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The 2015
Ultimate PBR
Fantasy Game

Pick riders. Pick bulls. Win great prizes.

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How To Play

Your fantasy roster will be made up of 5 riders (from 3 tiers) and 3 bulls, which you select for each event. The rider and bull scores are based on the official PBR scoring system.

The game will be broken down into two seasons:

  • Season 1: Balitmore (Jan. 2 - 3) through Colorado Springs (May 2 - 3). Through these 17 events, each player's top 14 events will count.

The Ultimate PBR Fantasy game is free to play. Sign up today and draft your team.

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PBR Event Scoring


A qualified ride is 8 seconds. The clock starts when the bull's shoulder or flank breaks the plane of the gate. It ends when the rider's hand comes out of the rope, the rider touches the ground, or the rider's free arm touches the bull (a "slap"). A successful ride will earn a score of 0-100 points. Scores of 90 points or above are considered outstanding.


Four judges rate each rider and each bull on a scale from 1-25. Those points are added together and divided in half to reach a rider score and a bull score of between 0-50. Those numbers are then combined to reach a final ride score between 0-100.


The bull always receives a score, even if the rider is bucked off. His score is based on his degree of difficulty. Judges look for drop in the front end, kick in the back, spin, and direction changes (as contrasted with spin, this means changes to movement forward or backward, or left to right).


A rider only receives a score if he lasts the required 8 seconds. Judges look for control - the ability of the rider to successfully counter the moves of the bull. Spurring is not required, but tends to demonstrate control, and will add points to the rider's score.


If the bull's performance is sub-par (negatively affecting the ride score) or if a foul occurs during the ride (the rider is rubbed against the chute, the bull stumbles, the flank strap detaches, etc.) judges can offer the rider a chance to take a re-ride. They will signal a re-ride opportunity by throwing a red flag into the arena.

Read more about PBR Scoring

Game Updates

Thu. 05/21 05:42 PM ETColorado Springs recap

Congrats Clint S., clintshafer," and Gayle H F., gaylehampton04," for placing in the Ultimate PBR Fantasy game for the Built Ford Tough Rumble in the Rockies.

Clint, who scored 2,620 points, won the Colorado Springs event, while Gayle took second with 2487.50 points.

The Colorado Springs Dream Team included Matt Triplett (Tier A), Rubens Barbosa (Tier B), Fabiano Vieira (Tier B), Mason Lowe (Tier C) and Aaron Roy (Tier C), as well as Sweet Pros Long John, Percolator and Bruiser.

Wed. 04/29 12:37 PM ETDes Moines recap

Congrats Katherine M., ForzaFerrariK8," and Sally F., gratefully_lead," for placing in the Ultimate PBR Fantasy game for the Des Moines Invitational.

Katherine, who scored 1,858 points, won the Des Moines event, while Sally took second with 2,596.75 points.

The Billings Dream Team included Nathan Schaper (Tier A), J.B. Mauney (Tier B), Shane Proctor (Tier B), Robson Aragao (Tier C) and Cooper Davis (Tier C), as well as,Air Time, Boot Jack and Mississippi Hippy.

Wed. 04/29 12:18 PM ETBillings recap

Congrats Jeremy N., nelz28," and Chris W., cmwyne," for placing in the Ultimate PBR Fantasy game for the Stanley Performance in Action Invitational.

Jeremy, who scored 2,685 points, won the Billings event, while Chris took second with 2,596.75 points.

The Billings Dream Team included Joao Ricardo Vieira (Tier A), Nathan Schaper(Tier B), Kaique Pacheco (Tier B), Gage Gay (Tier C) and Aaron Roy (Tier C), as well as,Sweet Pro's Long John, Percolator and Little Red Jacket..

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